“Following Spirit” (working title)

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I am writing a book called Following Spirit. Here are a few excerpts: “ When we follow spirit, we allow for the true essence of God to flow from our souls. I have been called to invite you to become one with yourself. Follow the true path of your soul, the path that is calling your heart. This requires faith. Let go and allow your inner guidance to flow through you with love.”

“All of your discernment should flow through your heart and you should trust your answer. Love has brought you this place of introspection. Go deep without fear and know that all will be cleared, forgiven, released, renewed, and replaced with love.”

I will keep you posted when the book will be released.

What are you noticing?

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What are you noticing? Are you taking in all the beauty that is around you? I walk my dog in a large park every afternoon. I love it because each day I notice something new. Buds on trees, new wild flowers in bloom, and geese in pairs this time of year. But today I noticed off in the distance and range of mountains with snow caps! I have noticed the close mountains, but never noticed the snow-capped range from the park.

My thoughts then led me to the conclusion that I am too focused on the here and now and not looking ahead at all! Don’t get me wrong, it is really important to present to where you are and what you are doing. But if you don’t look ahead, set goals and intentions, how can you manifest the life you deserve?

Great time to set goals and intentions so you can continue live a life filled with love, joy, passion and peace.

BEMER: Amazing technology for well being

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I don’t know why I am surprised when new amazing opportunities come forward. I am always looking for ways to help others in my practice and my family. Recently, a wonderful friend introduced me to BEMER. She described how she had been on many healing mats and tried many devices but this was different. Her story was compelling! Of course she was coming to an information academy 15 minutes from my house. (She lives in Santa Fe. Over the next 3 days, I got to try the BEMER mat and the accessories and it was amazing. On Monday morning, my husband and I knew we needed to buy one.

I am sleeping so much better than I have for years! I have more energy and my skin is clearer. I am more focused and relaxed. My sore knee is better. My family and clients are having great success also. Wow! Did I ever think I would own an FDA approved medical device? Can’t wait to share it with all of you!

Learn more about the amazing BEMER technology and products on my webpage or contact me by phone (949-677-3760) or email

Send Out Positivity & Your Life Will Improve!

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We are moving into a new energy of harmonic convergence. We have been clearing away the energies that have blocked us from knowledge and connection to our true Divine Inner Being. Do not be afraid to let go of anything that is blocking you from operating from your highest self. The time has come to discern how you can use your gifts to help others and yourself. The world is waiting for you in all your glory.

Rebirth is here. Follow your passion by improving your life and the life of others. You can make a difference with a smile, sending love to others, praying for others and being positive. Your energy definitely affects not just the people around you but the whole world. Make sure you are taking care of yourself and having fun too? Be the positive light in the lives of others and benefits will return to you tenfold.

Spring Cleaning for the Soul

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Spring is a time for clearing and welcoming in the new energies of the season. I have started some projects of cleaning my garage and organizing my office. These activities give us the opportunity to let go of the old things that are just collecting dust or are not useful anymore. When we remove our clutter, we can clear our minds and welcome in the peace we so well deserve.

This is the best time to let nature take us over and relax and rejuvenate us. When I sit in the sun and just let the warmth fill me, it feels so healing. I love walking my dog and listening to birds sing so beautifully. The beauty of the new growth of the trees, plants and flowers is just a outward expression of what is happening inside of us. Let go and enjoy the season. Happy clearing!

Moving Forward With Ease

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We are in a very interesting time that is filled with intense energy. These energies are serving as catapults to move us into clearings that will bring about transformation in our lives. It is important to realize that many different people in our lives are giving us an opportunity to let go of old feelings and resentments. Acknowledge when you are being activated by another person and identify it as a clearing and be open to letting it go and clearing it. Stay in neutral so you don’t have any judgments or expected outcomes. Listen to your heart, for all of the answers are there. It is also important that we eat healthy, drink lots of water and exercise so our bodies can move easily through these changes. Remember to be of service to others and always move forward with love.

Have Fun Staying Grounded

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This has been a wild week. I have had many clients and friends that are talking about not being able to stay grounded. The frequencies are rising so high right now that it has really been an effort to stay present.

Grounding your hands on the wall, taking a walk in nature, and grounding your hands on the wall are just a couple of things that can assist you with staying present. I have been trying to use my prayer and meditation time in the morning to ask that I stay present. It has been okay during the day but at night I am really having a grand time sleeping.

I know that I am getting “downloaded” information that will be useful later but I wish I could remember some of it now so it would make sense! There I am again with that linear thinking. I have to remember that trying to make sense out of some of the happenings in today’s world is fruitless. Things are shifting and changing so rapidly that it really is appearing that time is speeding up! Hang on. It is going to be a fun ride.

Release Your Fear

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Welcome to my first blog! I am planning to post a blog once a week, usually on Monday. What a great way to start the week. I am hoping that they will be helpful and I am always looking for subjects to write about so if you have any questions or comments, let me know.

Many of you have been feeling overwhelmed, fearful, and as if things are moving very fast. At this time we are being moved into a place of clearing out the old and bringing in the new. If we are reluctant to clear than this can be an uncomfortable process. I am choosing to clear by choice so when I am faced with an issue I can realize that it is a clearing and I don’t need to experience it any more.

Our shortcomings are just blocking us from loving ourselves and making ourselves truly available to our fellow man. We have to continue clearing anything that gets in our way. This will help us operate from our highest frequency. We will be able to keep a constant connection with God and this will enable us to take care of ourselves in the process.

There is no reason to fear. Everything is happening in Divine Order. Divine Timing is always in play. When things are not going as we plan it is because God has a better plan. If we can remember that, we will be fine. Fear is not just a lack of faith. It can be a habit. If we are used to worrying all of the time, we need to break the habit by being conscious of our thought process.

This week, work on trying to stay in a positive frame of mind. When you start to worry, calm yourself down by grounding yourself in nature or meditating. You could also try to wash your hands and let all of the worry go down the drain. There are many more techniques you can use. These are just a few. Remember that when you are mindful, your life will flow better and the blockages will disappear. Have a great week!

Sending you love and light.



My New Blog is Here!

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I will cover a variety of topics including modalities, my work with Weston, interesting happenings in the world of healers, and general thoughts and insights.  You’ll be able to comment on my blog  postings and share your insights with the community.

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Welcome to a Crossroad of Healing & Transformative Energies

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I’m pleased to scheduling in-person, private sessions out of my new location in Laguna Hills, California, as well distant healing sessions through zoom and phone.  If you’d like to schedule a session with me, please text or call me (949) 677-3760.

I will also be posting new events as soon as dates are set.  You can view events here,

I look forward to connecting with you soon.



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