Working With Weston

Weston is a 21-year-old nonverbal young man who was featured in two of Dr. Meg Blackburn’s book about the “new children” called The Children of Now and Conversations with the Children of Now. He has chosen to communicate with people “through his heart” or telepathically as he states that “a person who communicates in this manner cannot lie.” Since the release of Dr. Meg’s books many people have begun to hear Weston and are grateful for his assistance.

There are a few people whom Weston has agreed can “voice” his messages for him, including Meg Lupin. In addition to his work with Meg Lupin (affectionately referred to as WEG), Weston has a newsletter in which he shares an inspirational message. He co-hosts monthly Teleconferences with Meg Lupin on the first Wednesday of every month.

Weston describes the work he does as follows:
“I want you to say that I am in the business of helping people discovering their true divine self!! This encompasses a whole variety of techniques which range from working with them at night, taking people back through their past to clear things, and energetic healings. I also help them to shape a future that will enable them to do service that will allow them to work through their hearts!!”

  • WEG : Weston and Meg

    WEG is the term the work Weston and Meg do together. They co-create workshops, co-facilitate teleconferences, and co-treat clients in person and remotely.
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