The gift of telepathy is listening with your heart and “hearing” a message from another person without words. Meg’s began to notice her gift when she first heard Weston Schmier. When she asked him why he didn’t speak, he told her telepathically that “when you speak with your mouth, you can lie. When you speak with your heart, you can’t lie. Why don’t all of you learn how to speak like me?” That was the beginning of Meg realizing that she could hear other people that were not verbal.

She began working on ways to help people develop this ability by clearing their heart space. This requires a lot of inner work and letting go of past hurts and moving into a space of pure truth and forgiveness. In our hearts only love exists.

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  • WEG : Weston and Meg

    WEG is the term the work Weston and Meg do together. They co-create workshops, co-facilitate teleconferences, and co-treat clients in person and remotely.
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