Meg has developed several workshops with Weston Schmier. They created Developing the Healer Within Workshop to help introduce the idea of each person learning techniques to enable them to heal themselves, and others. There are exercises and discussions that enhance the learning process. There is profound healing that takes place during each workshop. These workshops are available for all age groups. We offer a children’s workshop ages 6-13, a young adult workshop for 14-20, a college workshop, and an adult workshop. If you would like to sponsor a group in your area please email us or call 949-677-3760.

Meg is currently working on a workshop for people that are interested in teaching Developing the Healer Within Workshops. If you are interested please email us or call 949-677-3760.

Meg also offers a workshop in Developing your Divine Feminine Path. This workshop explores the ways one can look at these the gifts from our divine feminine side. Discussions lead to great self discovery and a deeper knowledge of one’s true self. Important tools are learned to help facilitate the best use of these gifts. Individual healing takes place during the workshop.

  • WEG : Weston and Meg

    WEG is the term the work Weston and Meg do together. They co-create workshops, co-facilitate teleconferences, and co-treat clients in person and remotely.
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